Stalking the Wild Credentials

I’m starting to read a book for an upcoming course: Thinking about You Thinking about Me by MichelleFeatured image Garcia Winner. It’s fascinating material on social cognitive deficits, and the behavioral-cognitive approach.

I’m realizing how much I want more training – with Michelle Garcia Winner as well as getting certified as a Registered Play Therapist. It’s for all the reasons I’ve sought credentials in the past. I don’t know how well I’m doing, whether I know enough to be doing my work. I can live in fear and dread. The only way to alleviate it is:

1. Have thorough and reputable training in my areas of practice
2. Have a certificate or credential to validate that
3. Keep credential updated
4. Be part of a network of professionals for consult and supervision

I’ve been uneasy since I started working with children. I’m probably fairly good at what I do, and with more training will be really good. But I feel that I am completely incompetent now, and can become minimally competent. But I’m realizing I can deal with my chronic “incompetency” feeling by knowing I have good training, peers, and consultants.

I’m excited to be moving ahead with training and consultations. It’s a way to beat the “hell hole” of my mind’s existence. I’ve always done what I do because I feel God calls me, but living in dread of being found out to be incompetent.

The fear won’t go away. BUT I can bring accommodations into my life: I need to get solid training , the certificate on the wall, and the professional consults to feel competent. Why not give it to myself?

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    happy new year


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