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God’s PosAutivity!: Flashblog 2014

What can autistic clergy contribute to the world? Perhaps, most importantly, awareness of the diversity of God’s creation. God created people with autism, who grace the world with their own modes of expression that greatly enrich life on earth; and make it a bit more like life in heaven!

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Easter makes all the difference. It’s not about the anxiety and fear I live with every day. That sentence has a focus on “I”. It’s about how much God and I can help others. That sentence has the “I” with God. There are others even lonelier than I am, living in even more fear than I have. At least I have a job — one that I love very much — as a minister. I have a voice that God can use. Guide me to where you need me, God. Let’s get to work!

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Good Friday

It is Good Friday, and I am feeling the burdens of autism.  There is so much I miss of what people communicate. It’s like being deaf. I can’t hear  much of what is “said” around me, because I miss subtleties.   I never know what I’ve missed; I can only guess. I live with the anxiety of not knowing what people really think about me or my work. Or if they are really honest in their feedback.  I feel alone in a world of people.  I feel insecurity and anxiety every day.  I feel the burden of my life and my ministry.

It is so hard to find people who understand and support me.  I am alone in the garden praying for guidance, and no one will stay awake and pray with me.

I am alone with God.  And God is calling me to a ministry that will bring me pain.

As a minister with autism, how can I know if I am really helping the people around me?  How can I know how much pain lies ahead?

God, let this cup pass from me.

And if that is not to be, then please be with me in this pain.

Easter, come soon.


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